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 Galen Marek- Starkiller [Mizukage]

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Riku Tensei

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Galen Marek- Starkiller [Mizukage] Empty
PostSubject: Galen Marek- Starkiller [Mizukage]   Galen Marek- Starkiller [Mizukage] EmptyThu Dec 23, 2010 8:49 pm

Name: Galen Marek
Alias: Starkiller
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 153 lbs

Galen is a young looking man. He has very defined facial features that give off the appearance of a man who's calm but deeply angered on the inside. His hair is dark brown and buzzed. His usual outfit is a black long sleeve shirt, black pants, black boots, black gloves, and a white vest with long ends and a hood, usually up over his face.
During times of war or times of great conflict, he tends to wear a very sinister looking set of armor that consists of black robes, claws, and a terrifying looking helmet.

Race: German
Eye Color: Crimson
Hair Color: Brown
Body Type: Athletic
Country of Origin: Mizu no Kuni

Personality: Galen is a strong willed individual, not letting other people influence him. He will fight for what he believes is right no matter what the costs, protecting those he loves and even sacrificing himself for the few people he cherishes. He doesn't let people close to him often, as he generally doesn't like company, preferring to be alone most of the time so that he may work or meditate. He does not speak often, though his speech gives off the impression of sophistication, speaking in a very high manner. He dislikes wasting time and will often seem rude, preferring to get straight to the point of a situation. Though he may be cold, he is generally a kind person.

Country: Mizu no Kuni
Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Title: Mizukage
Special Titles: Will of The Mist
Missing Ninja Class: N/A

    Karma: 0
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Renown: 5,000

Rank: S-rank
Experience Points: 0

Fighting Style: Taijutsu Master
Sub fighting Style: Armed Taijutsu
Elements N/A
Special Element: N/A

Favorite weapon: Disintegration and Wisdom

  • Disingtegration and Wisdom

Special Ability Points: 16
Special Abilities:

Combat Styles:

Bloodline/Clan: N/A

Bloodline/Clan Abilities: N/A

Jutsu Total: 19


Missions Complete:

  • Total:
  • D Rank:
  • C Rank:
  • B Rank:
  • A Rank:
  • S Rank:

Background: Galen was born in Kirigakure no Sato within Mizu no Kuni. He was raised by both of his parents. His father was an accomplished ANBU while his mother was a skilled Medical Nin. At the early age of 8, they began training Galen in the ways of the Shinobi, or rather, they attempted to. Galen quickly excelled in Taijutsu, able to move with fierce swiftness and agility, though he could not perform any Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, or anything else involving Chakra. One of Galen's parent's friends was a member of the feared Onigami clan. Upon seeing Galen through the unique Tasukeru of the Onigami, the man quickly concluded that Galen had no chakra system at all. Galen did not want to give up, however, requesting that his parents teach him the ways of Taijutsu to make him an extremely skilled Taijutsu expert. His strength and speed were unparalleled when he joined the Ninja Academy, rising to the top group of the class, despite not having any chakra.

One day after class, a group of classmates began teasing him, pushing him around and bullying him. They felt he was weak for not having chakra, saying that he didn't deserve to be taught the skills of a ninja. Galen stood up, anger rising through his body with each deep breath. Two of the boys moved in closer to him and he shouted. A burst of energy erupted from Galen's body, sending the entire crowd flying backwards. They all fled in fear. Galen returned home to his parents, explaining to them the situation that had occurred. His parents called over the Onigami once more in hopes that their son had gained Chakra. The Onigami inspected him. No luck. Galen still had no Chakra. Though the Onigami did detect something else, some other strong foreign presence within him.

Galen turned to the library, spending months researching to see if he could find out what it was that was inside of him. After long hours of flipping through books, he finally found what he believed to be the cause of the strange power he had unleashed. The Force. The Force was a strong power that only a few people had ever been reported to have. It was not genetic, but rather almost random in whom it appeared in. Galen began studying, learning the basics of The Force and anything else he could about it within books. His father resumed training his son in the ways of a ninja. Though, this time, Galen had The Force on his side. Being self-taught in The Force, Galen could not only use its unique abilities, but adapt it to match the style of a Shinobi, giving him great an unique power. At the time, a man named Kai Kazama reigned as Mizukage. He had quickly learned of young Galen's talents shortly after becoming a Genin. It interested him, intrigued him. He removed the boy from his Genin team, taking him under his wing and training him to the best that he could, harnessing his unique powers, molding him into the perfect assassination tool.

Years later, Galen had become Kai's number one assassin, being sent on long, tough, and dangerous assassination missions across the Shinobi world. Galen always returned quickly, never failing a mission once. Though, Galen was young and didn't understand the extent of what he was doing. Kai was no gracious ruler. No, he was a corrupt man. He had been using Galen to kill innocent people, people who had wished to rebel against him, and people who's deaths would benefit Kai in one way or another. It took Galen quite some time to realize this, though the moment was quite traumatic.

Two high ranking Shinobi had gone rogue on a mission, disappearing without a trace for weeks. Galen was sent after them, as Kai knew they were still alive. He informed Galen that the two ninja had been plotting with a local rebel group to overthrow the Mizukage and he was to exterminate them. Donning his usual outfit, Galen went after them. It only took him three days to track the two ninja. They both wore ANBU masks, hiding their faces. Galen drew his sabers, approaching the two. They drew their own weapons in an attempt to defy him, though it was no use. They were facing the greatest assassin Kirigakure had ever seen. The first of the two went down quickly; a saber through the heart usually did that. The second screamed, a female voice coming from her. She charged at him, swinging violently, but missed. Galen brought down his saber into her back. As she fell to the ground with a thud, her mask slipped off and rolled away, revealing the woman to be his mother. Galen's eyes widened in terror. He approached the other to remove his mask, unsurprisingly seeing his father. Rain fell down as anger filled his entire being. He had finally realized what Kai was doing.

The doors to the Mizukage's office blew inwards with explosive force, twisting into unrecognizable hunks of metal. Galen strode into the room, His hood over his face, his eyes glowing crimson. Kai stood, drawing a katana from under his desk. The hum of the sabers started as the blades extended from their handles and behind Galen. Kai kicked over the desk and began his charge, though it was no use. In less than the blink of an eye, Galen was behind him, sabers crossed over Kai's throat. Kai dropped to his knees, begging for mercy, even crying. Though Galen had been taught by Kai himself to show no remorse to his foes. He brought the blades together, separating Kai's head from his body. Upon inspecting his desk, Galen found documents containing proof of Kai's corruption. He exposed them to the council, who applauded him for his great work. Upon leaving the room, the council called out his name. He turned back just in time to see one toss him a robe with the kanji for "Mizukage" emblazoned across the back.
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Riku Tensei

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Galen Marek- Starkiller [Mizukage] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Galen Marek- Starkiller [Mizukage]   Galen Marek- Starkiller [Mizukage] EmptySat Dec 25, 2010 1:06 am

Finished and awaiting approval
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Galen Marek- Starkiller [Mizukage] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Galen Marek- Starkiller [Mizukage]   Galen Marek- Starkiller [Mizukage] EmptySat Dec 25, 2010 1:11 am

Oh snap it's a jedi!

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Galen Marek- Starkiller [Mizukage] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Galen Marek- Starkiller [Mizukage]   Galen Marek- Starkiller [Mizukage] Empty

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Galen Marek- Starkiller [Mizukage]
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