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 Bloodline Implants

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PostSubject: Bloodline Implants   Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:31 am

As many know one of the things to do in Naruto is pluck each other's eyes out, and then use them as your own. Kakashi does it, that random Mist ninja does it, Danzo (Shudders) does it too. Now all joking aside, it is possible to have your character gain a eye, or another type of bloodline through implants, however there are some restrictions that will be applied to them when this happens. They are listed below as the following:

  • The eye, Arm, whatever will always be active, however it will only drain half the amount of chakra as normal.

  • The user can only learn jutsu in the bloodline that the part was originally from up to A rank Kinjutsu, but do not gain the bonus for it being their bloodline, and cannot learn it as though they were one skill level higher.

  • Note: This does NOT apply to those who have the bloodline originally and have parts implanted in them as replacements for the original (ie, they were taken from them or lost them in a battle and took another of their clan's body part, eye, etc, to substitute the one they are missing). If the object is taken from the character who is of that bloodline and they replace the part with another of their clan, the limitations are not in effect as they had the ability in the first place.

If you obtain one of these please add it into your profile with the following template, under the bloodline/clan abilities section:

Bloodline Implant: What was the object your character obtained.
Thread in which obtained: Where, and how did they get it. (If in background just put N/A or "in background")
link to the bloodline: Link the bloodline the Implant is from.


[b]Bloodline Implant:[/b]
[b]Thread in which obtained:[/b]
[b]link to the bloodline:[/b]
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Bloodline Implants
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