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 Fighting styles/style points system

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PostSubject: Fighting styles/style points system   Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:29 am

Below are the list of fighting styles that you can choose from to have your ninja have. These are all listed below, and are as follows:

  • Ninjutsu Is a skill that many if not all shinobi use in some way, manor or form. As such this style tends to range from simple fire balls to much more complex seals, and even the healing arts. Ones with this style tend to have higher chakra pools than most other ninja of their class, though they tend to be more based around their jutsu, and less upon their bodies, or intellect, which Taijutsu, and Genjutsu focus upon.

  • Medical Ninjutsu (Sub) A sub branch of Ninjutsu, this style focuses less away from actual ninjutsu arts, and focuses much more upon chakra control, and the ability to heal, and restore the body. As such it takes many years of training to become a medical ninja, making them shinobi that while seemingly weak much more deadly than meets the eye. One with this sub style may learn medcial ninjutsu however their ninjutsu style for ninjutsu will count as 1 rank lower in style points. This does not apply to medical ninjutsu.

  • Puppetry (Sub) Another sub branch of Ninjutsu Puppetry is the art of using, and controlling other objects through the use of normally chakra threads. These devices are normally puppet like constructs but can vary with the users desires.  One with this sub style may learn Pupptry ninjutsu however their ninjutsu style for ninjutsu will count as 1 rank lower in style points. This does not apply to Puppetry.

  • Fuuninjutsu: Or the sealing Arts, this is a style that while not a style on it's own, as it normally uses Ninjutsu as the base, is due to the different nature that one uses for Fuuninjutsu it can range from a seal one creates mid fight, to one that takes long periods of preparation to make.  As such this style seems to combine many elements of it, making it a standalone style, that many if not all can learn how to use, unless something else would prevent that. This style may be used by all ninja, and as such has its own set of rules. You may know sealing jutsu of equal rank to your characters rank.

  • Taijutsu The art of beating the living sh-- the art of hand to hand, or weapon combat, it is a style that is fast simple, and easy to use, though hard to master. Normally taking years of hard work of training one’s body to fully become a master of this style, it is a style like no other. While all ninja technically have this style as everyone can throw a punch, or fling a kick one with this style knows not only how to throw a punch, but how to break, counter, and kill you with your own punch.

  • Kata Taijutsu (sub) A style of Taijutsu that focusing upon training your body to the extreme through various fighting styles, and routines. This sub style normally takes many years to learn, and many more to even think about mastering. Those who take the Kata Taijutsu style have increased strength for hand to hand jutsu by 1 rank. (A Rank move=S rank strength)

  • Armed Taijutsu (Sub) A sub form of Taijutsu that specializes in the use of weapons or other such tools, it is one that is while standard, and common still quite deadly. One with this style generally focuses all they have into their weapon control, speed, and power, and such have more mastery over their chosen, or many forms of weapons used by them. Those who take the Armed Taijutsu style have increased strength for weapon jutsu by 1 rank. (A Rank move=S rank strength)

  • Genjutsu The art of illusions, is known as Genjutsu, it is a style that requires much intellect to even attempt to learn let alone master. One with this style tends to quite the clever one, as they are frequently focusing upon creating, and manifesting new forms of reality with which to trap their opponents within. One with this style tend to have lower chakra pools than those with Ninjutsu, however what they lack in pool they make up for in control with only Medical masters being able to claim having a higher control amount.  (Note: You cannot learn kinjutsu unless the proper sub style is taken)

  • Genjutsu mastery (sub) Genjutsu due to its art is much harder to control, and master than one would think upon first starting to train Genjutsu, taking many years to learn, and create the most powerful of genjutsu to place upon those who would oppose them. One with this sub style may learn Kinjutsu genjutsu.

With all styles except for Fuuninjutsu there is a ladder system that uses style points to determine how good a character is within the areas of the ninja world. They are as follows:

  • No skill: One with no style point within this area can only learn jutsu up to C rank (Kin) within it. For the purpose of this the basics do not count against this area as everyone may have them.

  • Secondary: One with a secondary style may learn jutsu up to B rank (Kin) within their chosen style.

  • Primary: One with a primary style may learn up to A rank (Kin) within their chosen style.

  • Mastery: One with mastery within a style is not limited in the rank of learning jutsu within their chosen style.

All RPC/NPC’s without a bloodline start out with 5 style points to spend, 4 of which must be within a Style, while the other 1 point within a Sub branch.  For bloodline based characters they receive 4 style points to spend, 3 of which must be spent within a style, and 1 point within a sub branch. You may only spend points in the following way:

  • You may have up to 1 Mastery, and 1 Secondary.

  • You may have up to 1 Primary, and 2 Secondary’s.

  • You may have up to 2 Primary’s, but no Sub may be taken.

Further more in order to have a sub style you must at least have the style that you wish to have the subs for as primary or mastery. Bloodline characters may instead of putting a sub point into their primary or masteries field, may instead allow for them to learn bloodline jutsu in their bloodline/clans field as though they were one style point higher within those fields.
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Fighting styles/style points system
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