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 Gaia's Will-Lord of Earth

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PostSubject: Gaia's Will-Lord of Earth   Gaia's Will-Lord of Earth EmptyTue Dec 14, 2010 2:52 pm

Name: Gaia’s Will
Points: 10
Requirements: Taken at Character Creation, no Bloodline/implants, Cannot learn Techniques out of your Style points as well as gain Style points from other SA’s, Gain a Primary in any Field, Can only have 1 at a time, Requires either Doton or Suiton as first element, each new stage is gained upon a 5 point training thread that must be obtained in one post, My permission
Description: Gaia’s will is a very ancient ability that very few who have it actually know how to tap into. When the earth began its creation of man, it is said that Gaia had created one who would give the world much prosperity and without this human, the Earth could not survive. Gaia’s Will is an ability given to that human in order to keep balance within the world. Given control over the Earth itself, those given Gaia’s Will are extremely talented in the arts of Doton and Mokuton. Gaia’s Will is a gift that is gained through time and practice with the abilities and comes in several different stages.

  • Gaia’s Chosen: This is the most commonly seen and first sign of those with Gaia’s Will. They are claimed to be Gaia’s chosen on the Earth and gain some attributes from it. The user’s skin becomes harder and they have been known to have a natural green thumb. All Doton and Mokuton Jutsu have a strength increase rank, as well as a chakra decrease varied by the chart below. As well as this,

    E-Rank: Jutsu take 5% less chakra, and deal 10% more damage.
    D-Rank: Jutsu take 10% less chakra, and deal 20% more damage.
    C-Rank: Jutsu take 20% less chakra, and deal 30% more damage.
    B-Rank: Jutsu take 30% less chakra, and deal 40% more damage.
    A-Rank: Jutsu take 40% less chakra, and deal 50% more damage.
    S-Rank: Jutsu take 50% less chakra, and deal 60% more damage.

    Note this is Rank of Character, not rank of Jutsu.

  • Earth Sight: Earth is a very powerful element and covers the entire planet. Earth’s Majesty allows Gaia’s chosen to sense things through the Earth varying from something as small as a Fly landing a rock, to something as large as a Boss Summon going for a run. What this does is give a type of sonar to those who learn to activate this, letting them see things through the Earth in a 300yard sphere around the user. PLEASE NOTE! This sonar can only see things that are on top of, or under the ground.

  • Strength of the Forefather: The Strength of the Forefather refers to the strength of Gaia, based off the legend that he created the earth. His strength created mountains, mile high, and canyons that seem to go down the core of the Earth itself. Gaia’s strength allows its chosen to manipulate the Earth in ways like this. While not on this great of a scale per say, it is still quite a feat and an amazing sight to see.

  • Earth Father: Earth Father is the final stage of Gaia’s Will. It allows Gaia’s chosen to communicate and synthesize with the Earth, and in a sense, become the earth itself. Being able to do actions like create life forms to assist its chosen in combat, or become swallowed by the Earth to hide or get away to a natural hide out, Earth Father allows one to essentially become Gaia and control the Earth and all its majestic, and deadly attributes. (For clarification, this does not mean the user can summon 1000 bears to attack its enemy, it means something like creating a stone Golem and the like. This DOES NOT allow one to speak or command wild life in anyway.) As well as this All jutsu training in the styles of Doton and Mokuton are reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1.
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PostSubject: Re: Gaia's Will-Lord of Earth   Gaia's Will-Lord of Earth EmptyThu Dec 16, 2010 2:28 pm

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Gaia's Will-Lord of Earth
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