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 Renown, Karma, Alias, and Missing ninja system

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PostSubject: Renown, Karma, Alias, and Missing ninja system   Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:28 am


Renown as many may be able to guess the measure of how well known your character is in the world. This semi hidden stat determines several things that your character can do, and how others will be able to recognize you in the world. For instance you have a Renown of 500, now people in your Country know you by your alias, so even a new genin could call you by that name even though they haven’t RP’ed with you before. Renown also determines what missions you can take as well, and will determine multipliers for the missions that you take as well as extra rewards that can be given for certain tasks or events. How to gain Renown varies in some circumstances, but the most common, and easiest are:

  • Completing Missions, Renown awarded for doing such will be listed in the missions.

  • Affecting a country: Varies with impact on the country*

How Renown works through being recognized is as follows, and is a fairly simple, but effective process to being able to god mod a bit when meeting someone, and knowing who they are.

    0: You’re a n00b

    100: There are rumors starting, but don’t get cocky yet.

    200: People in the country are starting to actually notice you, good job!

    300: Well, they now know you’re a ninja, and not just some punk, congrats!

    400: They have heard about your deeds, that could be a bad thing >.>

    500: country now know you by not just your parent given name. (Alias acquired)

    700: Almost everyone in your Country knows you, now is when things start getting important.

    1000: Everyone in your Country knows who you are, now go out there, and make them proud.

    1500: People in neighboring Countries are hearing about you now.

    2000: People in other Country’s know you by your alias, (if no alias, then your name instead)

    3000: Other Country’s know you to a bit of an extent, in that they know your allegiance, and such.

    4000: You are now a priority target to enemies, and a extreme ally to your well, allies!

    5000: Expect assassination attempts, and random presents.

    6000: All of the shinobi Country’s now for a fact know who you are, not bad huh?

    7000: The world outside of ninja’s has heard about you now.

    8000: People are beginning to talk about your deeds everywhere, alright you can be cocky now.

    9000: People know who you are by your alias, and deeds, don’t give out your name unless you want to be swamped by fangirls/boys

    10000: People know you by your face, Henge is now your best friend.

This is a system which gauges how good or evil your character is. This of course would affect how people react to you, and what your alias might end up being. Now then pay attention this gets pretty confusing, alright ready? Ok well if you have positive Karma you are more of a good character, and if you have negative Karma you are more evil. It is as simple as that, how one gains, Karma is also straight forward, and simple, and the ways to gain it is as follows:

  • Complete a mission: Varies

  • Kill a character that has a Karma value: Varies

  • Participate in an event: Varies

  • Your characters overall actions in the RP world: Varies

  • Affecting a Countries status: Varies

Now the scale for Karma works in the following way; there is both a positive, and negative side to it, that cap at 250, everyone starts with a karma of zero, and depending on your actions during all the things above, you can go to either side of the gauge:

200 100 50 0 -50 -100 -200

At 0-50, or 0-(-50) Karma you are considered True Neutral, at 50-100 Karma you are Lawful Neutral, or at -50- (-100) Chaotic Neutral, at 50-90 you are Neutral good, or at -50- (-100) you are Neutral Evil, at 100-200 you are Lawful Good, or at -100-(-200) you are Chaotic Evil.

There is also a second more hidden stat, where if you have been evil before up to Neutral Good then instead of being Lawful good you are Chaotic good, and if you were good before turning evil, up to Neutral Good then instead you are Lawful Evil.

These Karma titles however are subject to change however based on your characters performance, and overall actions, and these titles are more of a guide than anything else, as it tells you what path your character has taken in life.


This is one of the more fun things to come up with, as it is not really a system or rule, but whatever you want to make it. Obviously you could ask a Feudal Lord to give you one, or have a nickname, and take that on, but in the end it is all up to you what you want it to be. Now that does not mean going crazy, and being inappropriate in coming up with it, but still have fun, it could range anywhere from “Bringer of death” to “The pink fluffy kitten of cuteness” honestly this is just a fun thing to have, and as stated above it helps with fame, and such. (This is not required, but highly recommended, if not just for the fun of having one)

With titles, you can only earn them through either exams, or being given it by your Feudal Lord. The titles that must be given out by your Feudal Lord, are Anbu, Ichinnin/Sannin/Gonnin, Special jounin, Captain, as such do not have exams in order get. Besides this there is nothing more to titles other than what you are called in the ninja world. As far as knowing the other that is.

Missing ninja’s

As you can guess if you want to be missing, you can’t put genin in your title, instead you get a special title, that is applied to your character instead of the usual ninja ranks. These are as follows, and are put in place of your characters normal ninja rank when they go missing, or if they were missing from the start, and are affected by your Renown.

  • Renown=0 E ranked missing nin

  • Renown=300 D ranked missing nin

  • Renown=700 C ranked missing nin

  • Renown=1500 B ranked missing nin

  • Renown=2500 A ranked missing nin

  • Renown=3500 S ranked missing nin

  • Renown=5000 SS ranked missing nin

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Renown, Karma, Alias, and Missing ninja system
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