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 Lupus Nocturnus-Werewolf Bloodline

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PostSubject: Lupus Nocturnus-Werewolf Bloodline   Wed Dec 01, 2010 2:14 pm

Bloodline Name: Lupus Nocturnus
Surname: Lupin
Clan leader: Garren Lupin
Bloodline/Clan History: Many years ago, there was a man who worshipped the moon like a goddess. This man, went by the name Deadoria Lupin. He was born in the Lupin clan, who, much like the Inuzuka’s took on similarities of an animal. Where the Inuzuka’s were dogs, the Lupin’s were wolves. Most of them had eyes of unique golds, or grey, some even purple. They all had sharp Canine teeth, pointed ears and claw like nails. Most tend to have natural or earthy colored hair, such as brown or blonde. As well as this, the took on a very unique pupil shape, rather than a circle like a normal human, the Lupin Clan members had slits, which made them look even more feral.

When Deadoria took his rise as leader of the Lupin Clan, he had made a pact with someone skilled in the arts of Black Magic. With his skills, this man put what some call a curse over the Lupin Clan. Deadoria and all his kin, now share the same fate, in which he made for power. Deadoria believed that with the strength of the moon, his Clan could become something great, and so, that is what the magic had done. That night, a veil went over every member in the clan. Upon the next full moon, the Lupin clan would show their true form to all of mankind. And so it was done.

On the rise of the next full moon, true to the sorcerer’s word, the Lupin clan did change. This was the first creation, of Werewolves. Their strength’s great, and prowess second to none. The Lupin clan had gone out that night, and killed hundreds of innocent people, but it seemed all of them had no idea what had come over them. Angered by this trickery, Deadoria sought after the sorcerer. Upon finding the man, Deadoria was told the truth and nature of the curse set upon them. He told him how the Lupins strength now was one with the moon. Upon a new moon, with nothing in the sky but clouds and stars, transformation into ones true form is impossible, and your power is equal to that of a slightly stronger human. However on the other end of the scale, upon nights of a full moon, Transformation is forced and ones power and skills are increased to that of about 10 times that of a regular human, though this transformation comes at a cost. Upon nights of forced transformation, your mind goes into a primal, feral state, and it seeks to feed upon the flesh and bone of human kind. Anytime in between, though, you do keep your strength with the moon, but the most transformation one can go under is claws and teeth. Keep in mind your strength will vary with the fullness of a moon. There are, though, special circumstances. On times of a blue, or a harvest moon, Your strength is doubled at all times. But on the nights of an Eclipse, while the strength of your form is equal to 3 times as strong as your full moon form, your mind does not go feral and you are completely conscious. This is now the curse, and the blessings, of the Lupin Clan.

Once he wrapped his mind around the words of the sorcerer, Deadoria returned to his clan to explain to them their new abilities. Once told Deadoria had went on to tell them how much of a gift this new strength was. They were given a gift in order to wipe out the impure. Those who did not have their abilities were scum of the earth, and did not deserve to walk it. The Lupin’s followed Deadoria with every command and trusted him now more than ever. They felt that Deadoria could lead them into a new world, where the Lupin could hold power and protect that which the love so, the Earth and the moon. Keep them clean and protect them from scum who mistreated it.

Bloodline/Clan Description: While the Lupin still consider themselves a clan, they do have a bloodline whose strength are much different. All have similar traits such as pointed ears, claw like nails and sharper canine teeth. The have natural colored hair, and uniquely colored eyes, as well as a pupil that is a slit, rather than a circle. Because of their gifts, they have been known to be either pale, like the moon, or rather tan, like the earth.

As well as this, both the men and women of the Lupin Clan are known to be exceptionally beautiful. However, this is because they use their beauty as a trap for normal humans. They lure them in with a nice smile, and them rip them to pieces for being a plague of the planet. While all Lupin act differently, they all share some personality traits. Similar to that of wolves, they do not believe in multiple partners, and are partners for life. In addition, all members of the Clan watch out for one another and are all a Family. They have one Alpha Male who rules the Clan, as well as his Alpha Female. Though, it is true, sometimes the Lupin tend to butt heads from time to time, they do agree on one thing. They all, hate, humans.

Style field: Taijutsu

Bloodline/clan abilities:

    Name: Gift of the Moon
    Points: 8
    Requirements: Lupus Nocturnus Bloodline-Taken upon character creation or implant of wolfen blood
    Description: The gift of the moon allows members of the Lupus bloodline to transform into there primal wolfen state, as well as give them their inhuman abilities in terms of strength, stamina, speed, and regeneration. A Wolfen member can only transform on nights of a full moon, eclipse, blue, or harvest moon. All times in between, you retain your human form. Bonus’s all vary with the condition of the moon and are shown below.

    (If you are a half blood or dual bloodlining bonus’s are reduced by half)

      No Moon-
      Strength: +20%
      Stamina: +20%
      Speed: +20%
      Regeneration: Better than normal-small cuts and scrapes heal in a few minutes rather than a few hours, broken bones take weeks rather than months to heal.

      Half Moon-
      Strength: +60%
      Stamina: +60%
      Speed: +60%
      Regeneration: Great healing, small cuts/scrapes/bruises heal almost instantly, while large cuts heal within a few hours, broken bones heal within a day

      Full Moon-
      Strength: +80%
      -While transformed: 150%
      Stamina: +80%
      -While transformed: 150%
      Speed: +80%
      -While transformed: 150%
      Regeneration: Large wounds heal within minutes and broken bones can heal in a few hours

      Blue/Harvest Moon- (If full moon)
      Strength: +70%(100%)
      -While transformed: 125%(175%)
      Stamina: +70%(100%)
      -While transformed: 125%(175%)
      Speed: +70%(100%)
      -While transformed: 125%(175%)
      Regeneration: Large wounds heal fairly fast and broken bones heal in about 6-7 hours (see full moon regeneration)

      Strength: +120%(150%)
      -While transformed: 200%(500%)
      Stamina: +120%(150%)
      -While transformed: 200%(500%)
      Speed: +120%(150%)
      -While transformed: 200%(500%)
      Regeneration: Large wounds heal almost instantly, Broken bones heal within minutes

    Name: Heightened senses
    Points: 2
    Requirements: Lupus Nocturnus Bloodline
    Description: Every member of the Lupus Nocturnus bloodline has senses like that of a wolf, be it hearing smelling or otherwise. Being able to hear and smell things normal people could not, making them excellent for tracking missions. However, this also makes them very sensitive to loud noises and foul smells.

    Name: Wolfen spirit
    Points: 7
    Requirements: Lupus Nocturnus Bloodline
    Description: the wolfen spirit is possibly the most effective weapon the Lupin have. While trapped or locked in a genjutsu they will see, hear, or otherwise, their wolfen spirit, showing them that what is occurring is false, no matter how true the magic feels. Thus allowing them to break free, and to an extent become immune to genjutsu. (This is only effective on Genjutsu of their rank or below.)

    Name: Sharing the Curse
    Points: 0
    Requirements: Lupus Nocturnus Bloodline-Pure Blood-Given at character creation
    Description: Sharing the Curse is something only the main family members have. This allows them to “share” their curse with another by means of blood. Because the wolfen blood is so powerful, if another tries to implant any part of a wolfen, they become infected with their curse, turning them into a half blooded monster, and sharing the curse of the wolfen.

    Name: Mark of the Moon Spirit
    Points: 5
    Requirements: Lupus Nocturnus Bloodline-Pure Blood-Clan leader
    Description: upon becoming the Clan leader of the Lupus bloodline, you unlock extraordinary abilities. Because the leader has such a powerful bond with the moon, he is the only one who is able to change into his wolfen for at anytime, night or day, unless of course no moon is present.

Bloodline/clan jutsu:

Name: Meteor Strike
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: S
Kinjutsu: No
Requirements: Lupus Nocturnus Bloodline
Description: A technique that very few Lupin have even heard of, let alone accomplished. The jutsu can only be done by the strongest of their clan. After transforming into there werewolf state, the user jumps up into the air as high as one can. Upon reaching the ground the user will punch the ground with such a tremendous force that it looks at if a meteor had hit. A blow that has the potential to take out a small village, but surely after using this technique it has its consequences. Upon standing the user is extremely tired, and for the remainder of the fight, they will fight as if one rank lower.

Name: Razor Claw
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: C
Kinjutsu: No
Requirements: Lupus Nocturnus Bloodline
Description: This Taijutsu has been practiced by almost every Lupin in existence and for good reason. The user will focus their chakra flow to there hands, or claws, and harden it incasing there hands like a steel glove. There claws then become razor sharp and are the equivalent of a weapon of the users rank.

Name: Wolfen Fang
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: B
Kinjutsu: No
Requirements: Lupus Nocturnus Bloodline
Description: The wolfen fang jutsu is a technique that can only be utilized by Lupin due to the fact that they are the only ones with enough jaw strength to due so. The technique itself is quite simple, being that it is just a simple bite, but the strength the jutsu has is enough to crush rocks. The user doesn’t focus chakra to there mouth in anyway, they simply utilize what they were given, and use it to there advantage. However, there actually is some technique involved in the jutsu. Because they are focusing on the Jaw, the user will focus more of there strength towards there jaw muscle for the time being, then bite down with tremendous force.

Name: Spirit of the Wolf
Type: Other
Rank: D
Kinjutsu: No
Requirements: Lupus Nocturnus Bloodline
Description: Spirit of the wolf is a very unique jutsu. Much like the use of the transformation technique, the user will change their body to turn into a wolf. Though, this is no ordinary wolf. On top of the fact that the wolves size varies with the person, and is generally much, much larger than an average wolf, they gain a 50% increase to speed, and a 25% increase to stamina and strength.
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Lupus Nocturnus-Werewolf Bloodline
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