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 Title System

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PostSubject: Title System   Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:46 am

SoA has a very unique title system. Because we have started our timeline before all of the villages are formed, titles like Genin or Chuunin, dont exist yet. When starting you RPC, you begin with the "Wandering Ninja" (Unless you begin in a later started Village.) And after that your titles may change based on Rank, Fame, Karma, or things you have done. Their are also special titles we have that can only be rewarded provided you follow a certain path.

Ninja Paths:

Standard Shinobi Ranks:

  • Wandering Ninja (Gained upon Character Creation)
  • C-Class Ninja (Awarded upon 250 Renown-Must be at least C rank)
  • B-Class Ninja (Awarded upon 500 Renown-Must be at least B Rank)
  • A-Class Ninja (Awarded upon 1000 Renown-Must be at least A Rank)
  • S-Class Ninja (Awarded upon 2500 Renown-Must be S Rank)

Military Ranks:

  • Soldier (Awarded for Joining the Military)
  • Sargent (Awarded from a Higher Ranked Officer-Must be at least B Rank)
  • Captain (Awarded from a Higher Ranked Officer-Must be at least A Rank-Minimum 500 Renown)
  • Major (Awarded From Higher Ranked Officer-Must be S Rank-Minimum 750 Renown)
  • General (Awarded from Feudal Lord/War Lord-Minimum 1200 Renown)
  • War Lord (Maximum of 4-Awarded from Feudal Lord-Gain 500 Renown)
  • Feudal Lord (1 Per Country-Awarded Rank from Previous Feudal Lord-Gain 1500 Renown)

Village Ranks:

  • Genin (Awarded for joining a Village)
  • Chuunin (Awarded for Completing the Chuunin Exams/Promoted by Kage)
  • Special Jounin (Awarded by Kage-Must Teach at least 5 different shinobi while Chuunin Rank)
  • ANBU (Awarded by Kage or ANBU Captain ONLY)
  • Jounin (Awarded for Completing Jounin Exams/Promoted by Kage)
  • ANBU Captain (Awarded by Kage)
  • Ichinnin/Sannin/Gonnin (Promoted by Kage-Minimum 1500 Renown-Gain 500 Renown)
  • Kage (1 per village-Awarded from previous Kage-Gain 1000 Renown)

Missing Ninja Ranks:
Note: The Missing Ninja Title can only be obtained from leaving either your Village or the Military

  • Missing Ninja (Left your Village/military-Lose 10 Karma)
  • D Class Missing Nin (300 Renown)
  • C Class Missing Nin (700 Renown)
  • B Class Missing Nin (1500 Renown)
  • A Class Missing Nin (2500 Renown)
  • S Class Missing Nin (3500 Renown)
  • SS Class Missin Nin (5000 Renown)

Special Titles:
Note: Special titles are only granted from Staff unless stated otherwise.

  • Will of the (Your Country) (Gain 1000 Renown-Must do something huge for your Country IE: Save your Country from a War)
  • Sennin (Unlock Sage mode)
  • True Sennin (Unlock Perfect Sage mode)
  • Mastermind (Must be Missing Ninja-Prove yourself as a Mastermind)
  • Clan Leader (Awarded from Previous Clan/Bloodline Leader)
  • Ninjutsu Specialist (Have 25 Ninjutsu Techniques and create 5 of your Very own )
  • Taijutsu Specialist (Have 25 Taijutsu Techniques and create 5 of your Very own)
  • Genjutsu Specialist (Have 25 Genjutsu Techniques and create 5 of your Very own)

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Title System
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