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PostSubject: Jinchuuriki   Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:46 pm


There are many stories of legend that tell about the tailed demons who once brought the world to chaos. Some people worshiped these great destructive forces as god, while others sought to kill them off. Sadly, those who sought to destroy the power of the tailed beasts all came to a conclusion that these great monsters could not be destroyed, at least not with the tools they had. In order to still rid the world of the great beast’s a few noble and brave warriors, skilled in the art of sealing techniques, stepped forward. These warriors searched for and hunted down each one of the tailed beast’s. Upon finding them, they fought, epically, sometimes for days, but each sealing warrior came out victorious. With the defeat of the powerful demons, each warrior sealed the demon inside of a child, where, hopefully, the demons powers could be used for good, and not destruction. These children are called the Jinchuuriki.

Becoming a Jinchuuriki is quite simple. Simply choose a tailed beast from the list below and create a character using the Limit in the code box under the list of available Tailed beasts. Once you have Staff permission, (At least 1 admin and 2 moderators) you can make your very own Jinchuuriki!

The Jinchuuriki is a 15 point limit that counts as your bloodline (Note: No dual bloodlining is allowed for the sake of RP with Jinchuuriki, HOWEVER, Clans are allowed.) Each stage of the Jinchuuriki’s evolution takes up 1 more BLL point, for a maximum of 16-24. The Jinchuuriki powers and evolution stages are listed below.

Each tail that is unlocked gives your RPC more power in terms of chakra, chakra control, speed, strength, and endurance, as is described below. Upon unlocking your final tail, you gain triple the bonus’s when activated, as well as a full transformation into your tailed demon, with of course some similarities to your character. (Note: These abilities do stack, however they are only active when you activate you tailed beast in combat or otherwise.) As well as the stat bonus’s, each tailed demon has a special ability that comes along with the Jinchuuriki KG, each ability is listed along with the demon itself. (IE: Gaara’s sand manipulation with the 1 tailed demon.)

List of Tailed Beasts and Jinchuuriki:

    One Tailed Baloth:
    Two Tailed Dog:
    Three Tailed Monster Bear:

    Four Tailed :

    Five Tailed :

    Six Tailed :

    Seven Tailed :

    Eight Tailed :

    Nine Tailed :

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