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 Uchiha Clan-Sharingan Bloodline

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PostSubject: Uchiha Clan-Sharingan Bloodline   Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:22 pm

Bloodline Name: Sharingan-Copy Wheel Eye
Surname: Uchiha
Clan leader: None At the Moment

Bloodline/Clan History: The Uchiha clan is most likely the most famous clan that ever existed. They had been one of the two strongest in the world long before the creation of the shinobi villages system, with their closest rivals being the Senju clan. Naturally, their history was a turbulent one, and eventually, most of the clan grew tired of the endless fighting, along with the rest of the world.

The Uchiha have had a “right of passage,” for as far as we can remember. Casting the Goukakyuu no Jutsu is a way of showing that a Uchiha has earned the right to call themselves a Clan member, and is the first step of unlocking the Sharingan, some believe. Uchiha specialize in the Katon element, and seem to have always had an advantage while using fire style, or being around it in general.

Note: Because of the Uchiha right of passage, all Uchiha must have main element as Fire, and Start with the Great fireball technique.

General Clan Personality: The Uchiha's personality varies from person to person, but those that have the Sharingan are often very arrogant. The reason for that is the incredible abilities that it grants them, giving them superiority over the average shinobi in all fields of ninja techniques. Such arrogance easily breeds superhuman complex and detachment from the surrounding world.

Bloodline/Clan Description: The Uchiha's bloodline limit, the Sharingan, is a doujutsu - a special technique that manifests in their eyes. However, not all of the Uchiha are born with the ability to use it, and those are usually forced not to become shinobi at all, so as not to give the clan a bad name. The Sharingan itself looks like blood-red eyes, with additional tomoe in comma shape located in a circle around the pupil. That being said, the Sharingan can only have one, two or three of these tomoe, and their "tail" is always directed away from the center. The Sharingan is awakened through intense training, when one tries to train their eyes to see something that is beyond the perception of the unaided eye.

There is another kind of Sharingan in the bloodline - Mangekyo Sharingan, or Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye. It is the ultimate form of the bloodline limit, accessible by only a few out of those who have it. Very little is known about this ability, since even if one can potentially discover it, only several people did over the course of the clan's history, because losing one's precious person is the requirement to awaken it. It does not have a defined pattern, taking a unique one for every person.

Something that is not known to anyone outside the Uchiha clan, and even most inside it these days, is that the Sharingan allows one to take control over Bijuu, the mythical tailed beasts. However, something like that hadn't been used in decades, and is still considered to be just a myth. Members of the Uchiha clan also have above average chakra pools.

Style field: Genjutsu/Ninjutsu

Bloodline/clan abilities:
Name: Sharingan
Requirements: 4 point training for each stage; Stage 1-Character Creation, Stage 2-C Rank, Stage 3-A Rank (each ability is cost's 1 point towards BLL)
Description: Sharingan is the bloodline limit doujutsu of the Uchiha clan. It possesses several powerful abilities, though it is developed through three stages. When just awakened, it is in Stage 1, with only one tomoe located above the pupil; in Stage 2, another tomoe appears, and they are now located to the left and right of the pupil; all three tomoe appear in Stage 3, and they are located in a triangle shape around the pupil: one directly above and the other two to the bottom left and right. The Sharingan is activated by sending some chakra into the eyes. It does not cost much, but only a true Uchiha can have it activated for prolonged periods of time without risking their health.

Note: All jutsu copied count against the users total jutsu, and can only be used while Sharingan is activated. Thus allowing the use of jutsu normally not allowed by your fighting style to be used with Sharingan. Only Mangekyu Sharingan is able to copy Kinjutsu. All jutsu can be copied by a shinobi, but what specific move varies from ninja to ninja. Because the Uchiha all have the fire element, that means that they can copy all Fire based jutsu, as well as all non-elemental Jutsu. But, from then on, you can only copy moves that you have the required elements for. IE: Chidori can only be copied if you take Raiton for an element. Also, keep in mind, that clan jutsu, from ANY bloodline cannot be copied.

Stage 1: This stage allows the user to see things more clearly, and slower than normal. Because of this, it makes it easier to dodge, and hit an opponent, as well as making them faster with hand seals. It also allows the user to see chakra of there opponent, or anyone for that matter, who is around them. Sharingan can now copy all Ninjutsu of there rank or lower.

Stage 2: The second stage of the Sharingan allows those who possess it to see everything with even better clarity, including objects that would normally fall out of sight because of their speed. This also lets them see things even slower than stage 1, allowing for even more precision, and makes there genjustu and ninjutsu even more effective/powerfull while Sharingan is activated. Additionally, visual genjutsu of rank B or lower can be dispelled instantly, without any chakra cost or a need for a special technique. This is also the "Move Tracking" stage of sharingan, making it easier to follow and memorize, or even predict an opponents next move. Sharingan can now copy Taijutsu of there rank or lower.

Stage 3: The third and final stage of the Sharingan opens even more possibilities for the clan members. Their vision of moving objects improves further allowing them to fight with Strength and Agility at an increase of 50%.Their ability to see chakra and movement allows them to memorize the techniques used by their enemies and copy them, one of the abilities the clan is highly famous for. Additionally, visual genjutsu of rank A or lower can be dispelled instantly, without any chakra cost or a need for a special technique. Sharingan can now copy Genjutsu of their Rank or lower.

Name: Sharingan Hypnosis
Requirements: Sharingan Stage 3, 2 point training
Description: While not actually being a hypnosis, this ability allows the user to put there opponent into a "trance" allowing all Genjutsu to only require eye contact to activate. This also allows for sound and other sense jutsu, to be visual, and also allow for activation through eye contact.

Name:Mangekyo Sharingan
Requirements: Sharingan Stage 3; loss of a precious person; admin permission, 7 point training.
The "loss of a precious person" requirement must be met in the RP, and there are several conditions to it. First, this said person must be a RPC controlled by another member of the forum. Second, the relationship you have with them must suffice for the "precious person" requirement. Third, you must RP with them for a while: you each must make at least 100 posts with these characters interacting with each other. After these three conditions are met, you must lose said precious person via RP; Meaning your characters must be in the same thread together when said precious person is lost. The lust of a precious person can only be something irreversible, meaning something along the lines of death, or being put under the belief this person is dead. Genjutsu DOES NOT COUNT!
Description: The penultimate form of the Sharingan. Mangekyo Sharingan has a unique pattern for each person and opens the path to the most powerful abilities of the Uchiha. It allows one to use the ultimate doujutsu techniques in existence, while also increasing some basic abilities of the Sharingan, like their ability to copy techniques and resist genjutsu. It gives a clan member 2 additional jutsu copy slots and allows visual genjutsu of rank S or lower to be dispelled instantly, without any chakra cost or a need for a special technique, as well as another bonus to strength and agility, increasing them by 100% while active, and 20% base bonus (meaning while sharingan is inactive) and a 50% bonus to the users chakra pool. It also makes them immune to Tsukuyomi. However, such power comes at a price: once an Uchiha starts using the Mangekyo, their eyesight begins to deteriorate, faster with each use of a Mangekyo technique, until they turn blind.
Note: Once an Uchiha awakens their Mangekyo, they get 500 points. Each post they use Mangekyo, they lose 1 point. Using the techniques also costs more points. Once they reach 0, the Uchiha turns completely blind. There is no way to increase the amount of points.

Name: Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan
Requirements: Mangekyo Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan Implant taking up 7 point training
Description: The absolute ultimate form of the Sharingan, only obtained by one Uchiha through history. To obtain it, one must first discover Mangekyo Sharingan and then take the eyes of another who achieved the same feat and replace their own. Once that is done, the Uchiha's Mangekyo pattern will become a mix of their own and their victim's. Very little is known about the Eternal Mangekyo, however, it is a fact that it allows one to escape the blindness that eventually comes with using Mangekyo. It is also rumored to give one extraordinary abilities and make them immortal, but that is not known for sure.

Bloodline/clan jutsu:

Name: Amaterasu - Goddess of the Sun
Type: Ninjutsu (K)
Rank: S
Requirements: Mangekyo Sharingan, Uchiha Clan member
Description: In Japanese mythology, Amaterasu is a sun goddess and perhaps the most important Shinto deity. Her name, Amaterasu, means literally "(that which) illuminates Heaven". She was born from the left eye of Izanagi as he purified himself in a river and went on to become the ruler of the Higher Celestial Plain.
Amaterasu is a powerful technique which is used by the right Mangekyo eye. It creates a powerful black flame, one that can burn anything and everything the user set their eyes on. It takes a few moments to manifest, which is the only way for someone to escape being turned to ash. The only thing that can put out these flames is the user themselves or another Uchiha with the technique. Amaterasu puts a heavy strain on the user and costs a lot of chakra, so its use is very limited. The flames of Amaterasu are said to burn for seven days and nights straight. Of course, the user's death will also make them disappear.

Name: Susanoo - God of the Sea and Storms
Type: Ninjutsu/Genjutsu (K)
Rank: S
Requirements: Mangekyo Sharingan, Uchiha Clan member; Tsukuyomi or Amaterasu; admin permission
Description: In Japanese mythology, Susanoo, the powerful storm of Summer, is the brother of Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun, and of Tsukuyomi, the god of the moon. All three were spawned from Izanagi, when he washed his face clean of the pollutants of Yomi, the underworld. Amaterasu was born when Izanagi washed out his left eye, Tsukuyomi was born from the washing of the right eye, and Susanoo from the washing of the nose.
Likely the strongest technique in existence, Susanoo is used by both Mangekyo eyes and summons a massive ghostly creature. It will first appear as a skeleton around the user, but quickly form muscles, armor and some sort of weapon or similar item. This item varies per clan member, but it's always powerful and often possesses some special abilities.

Name: Tsukuyomi - God of the Moon
Type: Genjutsu (K)
Rank: S
Requirements: Mangekyo Sharingan, Uchiha Clan member
Description: Tsukuyomi is the god of the moon in Shinto and Japanese mythology. Tsukuyomi was the second of the "three noble children" born when Izanagi, the god who created the first land, Onogoro-shima, was cleansing himself of his sins while bathing himself after escaping the underworld and the clutches of his enraged dead wife, Izanami. Tsukuyomi was born when Izanagi washed out of his right eye.
Tsukuyomi is easily the strongest genjutsu in existence, which is used by the left Mangekyo eye. It is activated by making eye contact with the target. Doing so will put them into an inescapable genjutsu that is controlled completely by the user. This technique only lasts for a second in reality, but for the victim, it can last weeks, during which the user may do whatever they wish to them. While Tsukuyomi, just like any other genjutsu, does not deal real physical damage to the target, the illusion may put irreversible damage on their nervous system.

Name: Izanagi
Type: Ninjutsu/Genjutsu (K)
Rank: S
Requirements: Mangekyo Sharingan, Uchiha Clan member
Description: In Japanese mythology, Izanagi is the god who created the first land, Onogoro-shima.
The ultimate technique of the Uchiha clan, it also comes at an ultimate cost. Izanagi allows the person using it to literaly bend reality to their will, turning any event that they witness into merely a 'dream' and making any illusion into reality. However, once triggered, these effects only last for ten seconds before the Uchiha turns completely blind even if they could see perfectly beforehand. If their eyesight was already damaged, the duration of this technique is reduced accordingly.
Note: This technique requires no training, but can only be used if a character is about to receive a lethal blow and is aware of the fact
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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha Clan-Sharingan Bloodline   Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:54 pm

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Uchiha Clan-Sharingan Bloodline
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