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 NPC Template

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PostSubject: NPC Template   NPC Template EmptyTue Oct 05, 2010 2:30 pm

The NPC template below will be used for, obviously, NPC's. Its not much different from the RPC template, however there are some changes, so please notice them and fill out the template as normal.

Organization Associated with: please provide a link to the organization this NPC is being made for. (if this applies)

Name: Your NPCs name
Alias: Your NPCs alias
Age: how old are they?
Gender: male of female?
Height: how tall are they?
Weight: what do they weigh?

Appearance: What do they look like? Same rules apply for RPC as far as description and specifics.

Race: What race are they?
Eye Color: What color are their eyes?
Hair Color: What color is their hair?
Body Type: What is their body type?
Country of Origin: Where are they from?

Personality: How do they act? Same rules apply as the RPC template

Country: What country do they live in?
Village: What Village do they live in?
Title: What Ninja title do they have?
Special Titles: Do they have a special Title?
Missing Ninja Class: What Missing Nin class are they? (If applicable)

    Karma: What Karma level are they?
    Alignment: What is their alliance?
    Renown: How much renown do they have?

Rank: What rank are they?

Fighting Style: What fighting style do they have?
Sub fighting Style: What is their sub style? (If any)
Elements What element(s) can they use?
Special Element: Do they have a special Element?

Inventory: What Items are in their inventory?

Special Ability Points: Limited to 12 points in total no matter the rank.
Special Abilities:

Combat Styles: (If applicable)

Bloodline/Clan: What bloodline/clan are they in (If any) They are limited to 16 points worth of bloodline, and 12 points worth of clan abilities.

Bloodline/Clan Abilities:

Jutsu Total: How many total Jutsu do they have?

What jutsu do they know?


[b]Organization Associated with:[/b][url=link goes here]Organization goes here[/url]



[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Body Type:[/b]
[b]Country of Origin:[/b]


[b]Special Titles:[/b]
[b]Missing Ninja Class:[/b]


[b]Fighting Style:[/b]
[b]Sub fighting Style:[/b]
[b]Special Element:[/b]


[b]Special Ability Points:[/b]
[b]Special Abilities:[/b]

[b]Combat Styles:[/b]



[b]Bloodline/Clan Abilities:[/b]


[b]Jutsu Total:[/b]


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NPC Template
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