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 Country States, and Missions

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Country States, and Missions Empty
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Country states, and missions

Country States

Fire country: Neutral

Water Country: Neutral

Earth Country: Neutral

Wind country: Neutral

Lightning country: Neutral

States description

Below is the description of each state that a country can be in. (Note: This is not by any means as important as other things, but it can be used as In Character knowledge, or help to determine other factors that might pop up.)

Flourishing: This country is in a state of unparalleled Strength, Defense, and Resources. Enough that they can even defend other countries they are allied with and not lose any defensive strength. Attacking a country in this state with anything lower than this state would be suicide.

Prosperous: This country is in a state of prosperity, as such they have grown much stronger, and can defend themselves quite well, as well as deal with neighboring threats, but still lack the strength to defend other nations at the same time as their own. Now is when alliances are most commonly formed.

Booming: This country is beginning to grow in its strength, and such, and while not able to fully exert their new found strength they still have it, disorganized as it may be at the moment. A country in this state can ward off threats fairly well.

Neutral: This country is in a state of neutrality, and not suffering or growing in any real way. This state is one where a country could go either way, but also the hardest to fall out of unless the country suffers a severe blow.

Suffering: This country be it as it may is suffering in one form or another, be it an attack caused by an enemy nation or such, and cannot function as well as it normally could. A country like this is could fall even further if attacked immediately, or could recover if helped.

Crippled: This country is crippled, and as such is almost destroyed, or on the brink of a rebellion, unless they get some help, the country could be destroyed. Either that, or a strong leader. A country like this should avoid making enemies, as it already has some within.

Ruined: This country is ruined. Be it a smoking crater, or just a lawless town, a country like this has no real power in anything, and is not even worth attacking. A country like this will require a true visionary to make it a real ninja country again.

Renown, Karma, and Countries

Now in the Renown, and Karma system it mentioned that affecting a country gains you both of these things. This is because you are sure be noticed, and affected when you change a country status, be it for the better or worse. Whenever you help a country either grow in status, or lose status, you gain 500 Renown for each level you affected it by. Karma is gained in the amount of +100, or -100; + being that you helped to grow the country, or – being that you helped to bring it further into ruin. (Note: If multiple people participated in the changing they all get the same amount, and it is not shared.)

These figures however are not solid, and as such can be added upon, if you have gone above, and beyond the standard of what normally happens, such as in addition to blowing the crap out of the western wall of the country, you single handedly killed half of their Anbu, and recovered a scroll, you would also gain an amount that is suitable to that deed that had been done, otherwise you gain the normal amount.

Country Alliances

Below is a list of current countries allied with one another:

  • No countries are aligned with one another at this present moment.

Country Mission list

Below is a list of all the missions that have been completed for the different countries within the world. They help to determine how well a country is doing, and how easy it is to invade/destroy etc.

Fire country:

Water Country:

Earth Country:

Wind country:

Lightning country:

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Country States, and Missions
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