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 Organization Template

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Organization Template Empty
PostSubject: Organization Template   Organization Template EmptySat Oct 02, 2010 8:54 pm

Organization name: The name of the Organization, or group
Appearance: Is there any special attire that all members wear? (Note: this can be left as N/A)
Goal/Objectives: What are the goals, and objectives that this organization is trying to achieve.

Other Details Anything else about the organization that makes it unique besides appearance, and goals.

Leader: the name of the leader of the organization.
Members/Ranks: What are the ranks in the Organization (If any) and how many members are allowed?
Karma Needed to join: the amount of karma needed to be a part of the organization.
Renown Required: the amount of renown needed to be a part of the organization.
Addition requirements: anything else needed to Be a member.


[b]Organization name:[/b]  
[b]Other Details[/b]

[b]Karma Needed to join:[/b]
[b]Fame Required:[/b]
[b]Addition requirements:[/b]
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Organization Template
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