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 Bloodline/clan creation template

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PostSubject: Bloodline/clan creation template   Fri Oct 01, 2010 10:45 pm

Bloodline Name: Only needed if this is a bloodline. This is the technical term of what the bloodline is known by, and is generally different than the last names of the members.

Surname: This is where the bloodline/clan surname is goes. They do not have to have one, but in case they do this is the spot to place it.

Clan leader: Whom is the leader of the clan if any?

Bloodline/Clan History: What is the background of the clan/bloodline. How did they come into being, what made them be where they are today etc.

Bloodline/Clan Description: This is where all the fun stuff goes that isn't power related. Such as genetic traits or general traits in appearance. Personality, and all sorts of stuff. The sky is the limit here, as this is one of the most creative aspects of the template, and allows for you to shape the clan/bloodlines base more than anything else.

Style field: What do they use mostly? This can only be up to two styles, and two sub styles.

Bloodline/clan abilities: Pure and simple this is what there abilities are and so forth. You get 24 points to spend here for bloodlines, and 16 points to spend here with clans. They use the ability template.

Bloodline/clan jutsu: This is where the bloodline/clan jutsu are put in place etc.


[b]Bloodline Name:[/b]


[b]Clan leader:[/b]

[b]Bloodline/Clan History:[/b]

[b]Bloodline/Clan Description:[/b]

[b]Style field:[/b] 

[b]Bloodline/clan abilities:[/b]

[b]Bloodline/clan jutsu:[/b]



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Bloodline/clan creation template
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