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 Jutsu's that are not allowed.

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Jutsu's that are not allowed. Empty
PostSubject: Jutsu's that are not allowed.   Jutsu's that are not allowed. EmptyFri Oct 01, 2010 9:11 pm

Several different concepts of creating jutsu are not allowed, they are the following.

  • Time, and space: Time is something humans have created in order to measure events, and life spans so thusly it does not exist. Space is not allowed either because it is a broad term, and covers many different physic's thus making it too general, and to easy to abuse to be allowed in this phrase.

  • Resurrections without the sacrifice of RPC's: Pretty simple, but no you cannot bring anyone back to life, or to fight for you without sacrificing another RPC in their place. A life for a life is how this forum works.

  • Anything that can null another jutsu: This is fine in the sense of using chakra or energy in order to cancel out a technique or block it, but under no circumstances can any jutsu block techniques via rank, cancel out another technique via rank, nor can they ever cancel a technique completely, and may only block what hits them etc. This is not a video game, but an RP so we try to avoid complete nulls, and so forth. This shall not be allowed in the slightest.

  • No jutsu may grant ability level powers, and while they can give defenses and buff you like techniques do they may not have any long lasting effects such as giving you more chakra for simply having a jutsu. This can apply to others etc, and is not enforced as strictly, simply put don't make jutsu that give you long lasting positive effects they will be denied for such reason.
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Jutsu's that are not allowed.
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