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 Basic RPG Rules

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PostSubject: Basic RPG Rules   Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:24 am

RPG rules

Below are the rules of the RPG, and as such apply within the RP areas, and failure to follow these rules will result in a warning.

    1. No all OOC posts: Please do not post all OOC (Out of character) posts in the RP, as it clogs up the threads, and makes the RP less fun for everyone. If you have a problem with what someone has done in a RP PM (Private Message) a staff member or them about it, to get it resolved.

    2. Post size: The minimum post size is 8 lines, as it will give the other person enough to respond to. Do not post below this line count, or the post will not count towards anything in the RP, and we will ask you to extend/add more to the post. There is no maximum post size.

    3. Leaving threads: While it might be tempting mid fight to just jump ship, and claim you ran, you cannot do this. Instead the rules for leaving are as follows:

      If you are not in a fight, and wish to leave the thread to do something else at the time, you are free to do so at any time.

      If you are in combat, you must make a post that says {attempting to leave} within it, and give the other person a chance to respond to it, and if they do not take hostile action against you, such as attempting to hit, or blocking the route of escape. Then you may leave the thread upon the next post/s after that.

    6. NPC’s: You can use them to interact with/ for plots, and the like, without any problems, however you cannot (Unless your abilities state so) use them in combat to fight against people. As we do not want to see a mass spamming of NPC’s (Non player characters) fighting in a thread with RPC’s (Role playing characters) unless you both have agreed to it. As this is unfair, and makes fights erupt.
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Basic RPG Rules
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