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 Bloodline/Clan regulations

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PostSubject: Bloodline/Clan regulations   Fri Oct 01, 2010 6:42 pm

Creating a clan, or bloodline is different from creating any other type of profile, why because it not only has a history, but abilities and deep rooted plot. It is one of the most original and fun things to do upon this website as it gives purpose to almost anything that you can do, and will shape countless plots, however it is also the most easily abused of the creation profiles. As such there are a few rules when making a clan/bloodline that you must follow.

  • All bloodlines shall have something to do with genetic's, and the body. This does not have to be a doujutsu etc. but could be anything however all bloodlines shall be genetic based. Jutsu of these types of clans cannot be copied, however clan parts could theoretically be implanted, and then learned that way.

  • All clans shall not be genetic based, you could have traits that are genetic based, but the clan itself is not genetic, making them more of a group of people whom share a same goal, and techniques. Clans generally have few traits other than techniques, and trained abilities meaning one can gain techniques from clans if they learn from the clan about them or copy them etc. Most abilities within a clan revolve around some form of training, and are not genetic, generally that is.

The difference between clans and bloodlines besides these two facts are the number of points they get to spend upon their abilities list. All bloodlines get 24 points to spend on abilities within their bloodline abilities area. All clans get 16 points to spend within their abilities area. So the total pans out like this:

  • Bloodlines: 24 ability points

  • Clans: 16 ability points.

There is also something known as duel bloodlining or duel claning etc. Meaning you have the powers of two bloodlines, or two clans depending upon the nature of those clans and bloodlines etc. This can be done, hell it could be done up to several times and one could have up to five clans knowledge, however each profile only has room for 24 points worth of bloodline, and 16 points worth of clans. Meaning one can only ever have 24 points worth in bloodline that is spread throughout all the bloodlines you somehow have, meaning you may only have a total of 24 for all bloodlines including implants etc.

You may only have 16 points for clans, however with clans if you already have a bloodline you only gain half of the total points a clan can give you. This does not count if you have a bloodline implant. Bloodline Implants may only give you one limit per bloodline, and you can only have one bloodline implant of the same bloodline. Meaning you can only have bloodline implants from the same bloodline, as three different genetic codes in one body is too much to prevent any kind of BS from happening IC.
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Bloodline/Clan regulations
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