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 We welcome you all!

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We welcome you all! Empty
PostSubject: We welcome you all!   We welcome you all! EmptyFri Oct 01, 2010 11:43 am

Hey guys, Booga here, we at Solace of Arts want to welcome everyone to this new RP experiance. We are a non Cannon Naruto RP forum, so please I want you all to keep in mind, please do not make any cannon characters as we find that to be quite clich'e. Cannon Jutsu ect. will be accepted depending on which of them, if however, you wish to make them. Please, all of you, feel free to PM any staff member about anything you need, wether its to check a rule or to RP with us. Keep in mind we have zero tollerance for rule breakers, trolls, or anyone who is making your time here a bad one, so please, if you feel the need, our PM boxes are always open. Before you RP make sure you introduce yourself in the Introductions page, and be sure to check out the Regulations section to read over all of our rules and systems. Of course these are not manditory, but they are recommended for all.

Once again we want to welcome you all and hope you have a wonderful stay with us at Solace of Arts PR.
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We welcome you all!
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