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 Request template

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PostSubject: Request template   Fri Oct 01, 2010 2:00 am

Due to the nature of requests it is easier for everyone if the following template is used in the asking of a request for anything that requires it.

RPC Name: The name of your RPC
Fighting styles: What fighting style is your RPC?
Elements/advanced elements: What elements/advanced elements does your character have if any?

Reasons: We aren't asking for much here, but rather a list of reasons as to why your character would gain/have this ability. In character examples here help the most, while out of character "I just think this is awesome" does not help in the slightest, or rather we look down upon them.

What you are requesting:

Quote :
Name: Jiongu - Earth Grudge Fear
Requirements: Admin permission
Points: 8
Description: This is a forbidden technique that trades the user's humanity for power. Their body will retain its human appearance outwards, though it will seem to be and actually will be stitched together from pieces and their eyes will gain an unnatural color along with losing the pupils, but on the inside, it will turn into a mass of dark gray tendrils with the only organ remaining being the heart. The body is actually held together by these tendrils, which also have the ability to reattach lost limbs too there people, fully restoring their functionality. The shinobi can also control these tendrils and extend them up to seventy feet from their body. Another effect of this technique is that it grants the user pseudo-immortality, allowing them to live for as long as their heart functions, and they can replace their heart with one from another person to keep living; it is unknown whether this fake immortality was the point of this technique or an added effect when it was developed. The only way to completely kill someone who used Jiongu is to damage their last (or only) heart enough for it to stop functioning.

When you first use Jiongu, you lose anything and everything related to a bloodline you might or might not have had, the ability to use any elemental manipulations besides your main and your fighting styles are reduced to one primary. However, when you take your enemy's heart, you gain their main elemental affinity in addition to your own(if it's the same, you gain nothing) and one step of skill in their primary or specialized fighting style (meaning if you had no skill in that style, it becomes your secondary; if it was your secondary, it becomes your primary; if it was your primary, it becomes your specialty; if it was your specialty, nothing changes). This allows one with multiple hearts to use high-level ninjutsu of each element, since each of the elements they obtained is considered their main (meaning you can use the jutsu which require any of your elements as a primary),and gives them greater skill in multiple areas. Additionally, you gain fifty percent of the victim's chakra pool and one fifth of their jutsu slots.

[b]RPC Name:[/b]
[b]Fighting styles:[/b]
[b]Elements/advanced elements:[/b]


[center][u][b]What you are requesting:[/b][/u][/center]

[quote] [/quote]

In order to have your request accepted it will take either 3 RPG level mods, or 1 Admin to accept it, at which point the thread will be locked.
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Request template
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