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 Mission template

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Mission Procedures

Mission Name:  The name of the mission
Client: who is requesting the mission
Mission Rank/Renown needed: What is the rank of the mission, and what amount of Renown is needed to do it.
Mission Description: what will happen in the mission (At least 3 lines)
Ninja needed: how many ninja are need to do the mission.
Karma (Gained or lost): the amount of karma gained in either the negative, or positive side of the bar.
Renown Earned: the amount of Renown earned on the mission
Other Requirements anything else needed to complete it.


[b]Mission Name:[/b]  
[b]Mission Rank/Renown needed:[/b]
[b]Mission Description:[/b]
[b]Ninja needed:[/b]
[b]Karma (Gained or lost):[/b]
[b]Renown Earned:[/b]
[b]EXP Earned:[/b]
[b]Other Requirements[/b]
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Mission template
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