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 Abilities system

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PostSubject: Abilities system   Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:44 am

All characters have several unique things about them which makes them stand out. Some are stronger, some can breathe fire, some can jump back one hundred feet to avoid a sealing jutsu despite them not having taijutsu as a style, but all in all every person is different. This is where abilities come into play, and are different from jutsu as they are traits or blessings, etc really the sky is the limit. There is a limit for abilities however based off of how effective they are.

Every character starts with ten ability points to spend. They gain more ability points the higher rank they are increasing by one each level until S rank when you gain two points.

  • E-Rank: 10 Total points

  • D-Rank: 11 Total Points

  • C-Rank: 12 Total Points

  • B-Rank: 13 Total Points

  • A-Rank: 14 Total points

  • S-Rank: 16 Total points

All abilities are judged based off of how powerful they are there is no real scale for this but keep in mind the it is generally 2 points per strength and -1 point per weakness you have within the ability. This can be lowered based off of the effectiveness of the abilities etc. All of this is relative as Earth Grudge fear would be considered to be 8 points, while a simple fierce raining at will would only be 2 points, to set an example.
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Abilities system
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