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 Jinchuuriki (4th tails)

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PostSubject: Jinchuuriki (4th tails)   Jinchuuriki (4th tails) EmptySun Dec 26, 2010 7:24 pm

Name: Jinchuuriki, (4th tails)

Points: 15

Requirements: Only one may exist at a time.

Description: The fourth tailed demon is like that of a peacock in appearance, the only difference being that it’s back end has four tails instead of the normal amount. It’s appearance is still that of a normal peacock color wise, making it quite the looker compared to the other tailed beasts. The fourth tailed Peacock is sixteen stories tall, it’s wingspan being that of thirty six stories tall. Though most tailed beasts tend to have some form of outer manifestation appear upon the owner, the fourth tailed generally influences the personality, making them enjoy more of the finer things in life, and have quite expensive tastes. It also makes the user slightly more appreciative of the arts.

The personality of the four tailed peacock is quite unique to the other tailed beasts. Generally preferring to be on the sidelines, and give less than useful comments, the four tails isn’t really a “go getter”. Not meant to help or to hurt, and the only worry it possess is that of its current owner dying, since that would mean the end for both it, and the owner, well the end for its current form. Other than that one condition though the four tails does not do anything to interfere with its owner, either good or bad.

Name: tail stages

Points: 4

Requirements: Jinchuuriki, (4th tails)

Description: The first tail appears like a cloak coming over the owners body. The cloak appears to be that of a vivid mirage of colors, with a peacock tail at the end. This applies to all stages, however at the first tail stage only one tail shall appear with no physical modifiers. No matter what stage the cloak provides defense that is perhaps one of the strongest defenses of any Jinchuuriki, this meaning of course that the chakra is focused upon defending the user, and not boosting their attributes as much as the others. Each stage that the tails progress the user slowly loses their sanity.

The second tail stage shall have both tails appear and the cloak thicken. In addition to this miniature wings sprout upon the Jinchuuriki’s back, though are not very useful for anything at this stage.

The third tail stage has a third tail appear upon the Jinchuuriki, This tail does not add to the thickness of the cloak, but instead shall have a third tail appear upon the cloak. The wings shall also grow to be full span, but shall not allow for flight, instead just increasing their overall agility and allowing for stronger jumps, or even slight double jumps.

The fourth tail stage has the fourth tail appear upon the cloak, only to have the cloak absorb itself into the user. At this point their body shall undergo a bit of a transformation and shift into a mirage of colors, well in appearance that is. The defensive qualities of the cloak shall now apply to the whole of their body, in addition to them now having a few more bird like features. This is mostly just around the hair making it more feather like and so forth. This form drains the user, after it has been used, and normally causes them to have to rest for weeks on end, making it one that is not favored by them if they can help it.

The total boosts during the first form are below:

Strength: +25%
Chakra pool: +25%
Agility: +25%

Each tail increases by 25% in these three categories per level. This will total to 100% at the fourth level, making it a total of 300% due to the modifier for such a level.

Name: Tailed beast form

Points: 2

Requirements: Jinchuuriki, (4th tails)

Description: By learning to manipulate the tailed beasts chakra to an extent where the user can call upon it freely. This is done by mixing the chakra of the Jinchuuriki and the tailed beasts chakra making it unstable to hold the form for too long, depending of course upon the Jinchuuriki’s chakra control and the strength of the tailed beasts own chakra. While in this form the Jinchuuriki’s chakra and the tailed beasts are one in the same effectively granting them the bonuses for all their increases up to their highest stage. This does not include the bonuses for said final stage becoming triple as it is a much more stable than before. While in this form the Jinchuuriki tends to have an appearance which looks like that of their tailed beast’s final form in only more human and stable. While in this form they have access to unique jutsu’s for their tailed beast.

Name: Tailed beast aura

Points: 4

Requirements: Jinchuuriki, (4th tails)

Description: An ability which allows for the Jinchuuriki to sense others around them based off of their chakra. Unique to the fourth tails it is one which senses the level fo ‘Threat” one has to them and allows for them to access their strength level. This allowing for them to guess their chakra amounts somewhat, and to allow for them to detect other forms of life around the area that have chakra; this works ironically better on modified chakra, but is less effective on other energies.
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Jinchuuriki (4th tails)
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