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 Puppets of awesomesauce

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PostSubject: Puppets of awesomesauce   Puppets of awesomesauce EmptySat Dec 25, 2010 4:22 pm

Name: Sparrow
Description: A simple puppet, It appears to look like that of a tiny bird. It’s height is that of 2’ 1”. It’s color is that of a bluish black, that appears to be greased over. The feathers upon it are glued, and make it have the appearance of a bird, but below the façade is that of just a wooden skeleton. Everything about the bird has been designed to be made for information gathering, as it is not strong in offense.


  • Wing “Fronts” are made of a light metallic substance, which is as sharp as a Kunai.
  • Claws are as a sharp as a kunai, same unnamed substance used.


  • Eyes contain a feedback system designed to have the user be able to see what the puppet can “see”.
  • Blackbox, device within its main body, designed to withstand all but the most devastating attacks. Records sounds, visions etc.
  • Chakra generator, A small chakra generator which allows for the puppet to sustain itself for a time without the use of the creators chakra. However obviously they must still control it somehow.

Rank: S
Other Requirements: N/A

Name: Killapede
Description: A millipede like puppet, it is one which is unique. The total length of the puppet is that of 6ft, and is constructed from a tempered titanium. As such normally it would weight a ton, however through that magic called chakra it does not. The Killapede is a puppet which has many different joints throughout it, connecting each “Section” together, Each section containing a set of four legs, with the head and back ends containing the “Mouths”, and feelers. The mouths are 1ft long.


  • Each leg is that of a double edged blade, making it able to walk along “pins and needles” and use them as weapons of course.
  • Senbon launchers upon each joint main “Joint”.
  • Sealing seals upon each “Joint” that allows for the summoning of the ammunition aka Senbon.
  • ”Mouths” contain a grinding system designed for destroying targets like a buzzsaw. The very outside plates can extend outside of the mouth to attack.


  • Armor coating, designed to resist lower strength weapons and attacks, and to provide stronger protection overall. (C-rank)

Rank: S
Other Requirements: N/A

Name: Spine
Description: A simple puppet that attaches to the users back. It appears to like that of a slender ammo box upon the back, it’s body being the length of half of the users spinal cord. Generally placed upon the back end of the spinal cord this puppet has needles within the base of it allowing for the attachments, as well as some “Sticky” leg attachments. These attachments allow for the device to attach, and stay attached throughout a battle or just walking around. The color of the puppet is that of a black. It’s back end has an opening slot which allows for the strings to appear, each spinal section allowing for a few strings. Hatches are over these areas of course. It is made up of both wood and metal.

Weapons: N/A


  • A device which bonds with the users spine, allowing for them to channel puppetry strings through the puppet upon the back. Allowing for free use of one’s hands. There are also many more strings that can be produced than from just the users hands. Downside is that this device can cause harm to the user if it is harmed, due to the bond.
  • A device which allows for cloaking, to make it appear invisible.

Rank: S
Other Requirements: N/A
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Puppets of awesomesauce
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