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 Teams and Organizations

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PostSubject: Teams and Organizations   Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:38 am

Teams and Organizations

Teams: Teams are very useful in the ninja world. Not only are teams a good way to work on teamwork, and train together, but the also help the shinobi get a feel for the first stage of the Chuunin Exams, and they help you finish missions faster. A team can consist of 2-5 ninja of any rank. Teams generally are formed with one Sensei, normally a jounin, and 3 genin. The sensei trains the genin and make sure the genin, or other, do not mess up the mission. The Sensei is made up to be more of a bumper rail than anything. However, this formation is not always the case. There have been some teams of just 2 ninja, that have been known to be very efficient. When creating a team, it is good to plan out what the team is going to be for, whether its missions, training, ect. Also, keep in mind, that team members MUST be from the same Country, or have an alliance with the Country that the other shinobi are form.

The benefits of being within a team as opposed to by yourself is that you yourself gain a boost to all Renown earned from missions you partake in, and from other actions done by your team. This is a bonus of a simple 25% increase to total rewards from the mission. The other benefit is not obvious, but still there as well you have others to RP with, but this is besides the point.

Organizations: Organizations are a special group of special individuals put together to accomplish one task, such as the ANBU forces. The Kage generally declares who is in the organization, or what the organization is and does, and when a new one needs to be created. When special organizations are made, permission form the Kage if the village must be permitted, unless you are missing of course, and you must have a minimum of 3 members to start, along with the organization captain. Each organization must have a “right of passage” so to speak, and each shinobi must complete this in order for entrance. The same rules apply with who can be in an organization as with a team.

Organizations have a unique benefit to them depending upon the total Renown level of the organization you can have a variety of benefits, as well as number of members.

Below is a list of all benefits that Organizations shall receive based off of Renown.

  • 1000 Renown: All members within the Organization shall Gain the ability to create Equipment for its members.

  • 2500 Renown: The Organization shall gotten famous enough, or has enough big shots in it to teach others, or learn from others in ways many could never think of. They may make weapons which are one rank higher than normally allowed, and they may use weapons that are one rank higher as well.

  • 5000 Renown: The organization has become famous enough to be able to acquire funding to make a fortress, underground hideout, boat castle thing etc. At this stage the creator of the Organization can request that a sub forum be created, and act as the organizations headquarters etc. This will need to be described in detail.

  • 7500 Renown: Others are starting to wish to follow your goals, even if it means they are nothing more than a pawn. At this stage you can create 1 NPC person organization member you have. All of these NPC’s but be trained however, and follow the NPC template etc.

  • 10000 Renown: You are not only known for your goals, but you are known for your techniques and all around coordination. All organization members are allowed to have up to 3 additional jutsu slots for the highest rank so long as they are Organization based jutsu’s.

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Teams and Organizations
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