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 Basic OOC rules

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PostSubject: Basic OOC rules   Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:20 am

These are the basic rules of the forum, that are put in place to keep it a fun, and kind place to RP. These rules are enforced highly, and we recommend, and basically force every member follow them.

A breaking of the rules will result in a staff warning, another infraction will result in another warning, and upon a third you will be banned for 1 day. If you gain another one afterward, you will be banned for 1 week, and then a month, and then a year, and then perma. So please follow the rules. Bans, and warnings may be lifted at staff discretion.

    1. Respect other members: Obviously fights will break out over things, but that does not mean that you can just flame the person to death, so try to keep it clean, and logical in debate.

    2. No explicit content: Although you may want to RP out your characters having a ‘fun time’ in their bedroom, we do not wish to read it, do not post it, as the thread will be deleted, and you will be banned for a day.

    3. No God Modding: This means no auto hitting of any kind in the RP, using OOC (Out of Character) knowledge to gain an advantage etc. Failure to comply with this rule is worthy of a warning, and a rewrite of your post.

    Ninja A is going to attack Random guy A, and even though Random guy A knows nothing of Ninja A through God Modding he dodges the attack that he now knew was coming, and says in the post “Slashs the Ninja in two”.

    4. No shadow playing: While similar to God Modding, Shadow play is where you control the other persons character without permission, and force them to do something they would not normally do, such as fall onto your blade for example. Failure to comply with this Rule will result in a warning, and a rewrite of a post.

    5. No posting inappropriate things: While we do find many a thing funny, (Such as /b/) we do not want to see it on forum, such as racist things, pornographic images, and the like. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a warning.

    6. Do not spam the chat box: while it is fun to talk, and bump in there do NOT spam it will naughty things/any of the above (Excluding God Modding, as hell it is fun to do that Out of Game). Failure to comply to this rule will carry a warning, and instead of the usual ban from the forum it will be from the chat box.

    7. Use the templates: they are there for a reason, so please use them, there will be no real warnings, but we will point it out, and embarrass you.

    8. Do not ask to be staff: When we need staff members we will contact you/open slots, asking to be staff will make you unable to get the position.

    9. No trolling/flaming: Although it is covered in rule 1 we just want to stress the importance of this. Do not be a troll as it will be very easy to tell if you are, and will result in a warning.

    10. Do not comment on WIP applications: As the user is not done, please do not make comments on their templates, as it is very annoying. Failure to resist this urge will get you a warning, and possible banning from the profiles area for a time.

    11. character limit: You can only have up to 3 characters total. The first character has no requirements to make, however you must have a total of 200 Posts before you can make a second character, and a total of 500 Posts before you can make your third. This is too keep the Apps section nice, and neet, and to give you more time to get used to the forum, before making more characters.

    12. Inactive characters, and dead characters:If you do not wish to keep an RPC you may either Kill them off (No pun intended) or make them go inactive. If you make a character go inactive you may not use them again for 1 month of time since they were put in inactive. You may also not play them if you have full character slots.

    13. Try to use proper spelling, and Grammar: I know for some of us our main language is not English, and the like, however to keep up the quality of things please try to make your post fairly well written. This won’t be enforced as high, but still it needs to be stated.

    14. have fun: Or we will ban you >.>

If you have an questions about the Rules feel free to Private Message (PM) a staff member, and they will be happy to answer your question, or if need be add to this list.
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Basic OOC rules
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